I have been in the music/recording biz for 35 years or so and have done a variety of things along the way. Take a look at my discography or my resume for some of the details.

Audio Recording

My basic philosophy is Artists First! I like to create an atmosphere that is both comfortable, productive, efficient and fun.

I have worked both analog and digital over the years. I am primarily working “in the box” – digital – at this point – I run Pro Tools 12 with UAD and Waves plugins, plus assorted other items you can check out on my gear list. I mostly work out of my house in Olympia, but am happy to work at other facilities with you as well. Most of the work I do nowadays is mixing and mastering, but I have recorded a ton of bands and solo artists over the years and can record you, your whole band, just do a few overdubs for your mostly finished project, or whatever you need. If you want to track basics with a full band, I don’t do that here, we can do that elsewhere in town. If you need players to fill out your project, I can help provide them. I have sat in the producer’s chair for a bunch of records as well and would be delighted to be your producer and kick you project up to the next level!

Engineering/Mixing Rate: $35 hour
Day rate: $300 for 8 hr day
Producer rate: Negotiable. It really depends on what you want me to do, which can range from pre-production before you come in to record, to helping you get your best performance “on tape” – a good topic to discuss over a cup of coffee before you start your project

Audio Restoration

I can work with a variety of source materials (reel-to-reel tape, DAT, cassettes) and clean up the old tape noise, etc and get them to sound quite good. Old reel-to-reel tapes almost always require “baking” before they can be transferred, which I am set up to do. I have had a great results with baking old tapes and doing a quality analog- to-digital conversion.

Rate per tape: 30 ips (16 minutes) – $60; 15 ips (33 minutes) – $80; 7.5 ips (66 minutes) – $140. Additional mastering: $40 hour


As a low-budget Record Label Mogul, I have made a number of music videos over the years. I got a good crew of folks I can lean on. If you want super fancy video I’m probably not your guy. If you want a fun, interesting video, that we can do.

Here’s a couple examples of our work:

The Green Pajamas                                                                                        Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods

Rates: Negotiable. What kind of video you want to make and what you want me to do? See the previous coffee suggestion. As a ballpark number, the simplest video will probably run you about $500 – the sky is the limit from there.


I have made many CDs, LPs, etc.If you just want some suggestions on where to get your album done, I can do that. If you want me to handle your whole pressing project let me know and I can give you a quote.  I can also get you UPC’s and IRSC’s and all that stuff you need to sell and track your music in the modern world, as well as help you get set up with collection services like Sound Exchange, BMI and ASCAP.

Price: Competitive. I will post some more specific information shortly.

Graphic Design

I have designed many album covers for artists on my label – click here for a few examples.

Rates: Negotiable – let’s discuss what sort of cover you want. Most covers can get done for $200 to $500.




Don’t know what to do with your project when it’s done? Hey – been there done that. I can help there as well, anything from a few tips to putting together an Electronic Press Kit (below) or a complete promotion plan ready for execution!


Rates: Negotiable – let’s discuss what you need for where you’re going. I will add a few more specific packages here as well in the near future.